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"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed".

- C.G. Jung (1875 - 1961)

The meeting of personalities; the three of us...

In the summer of 2014 the three of us met, each with there own ideas about life and in pursuit of different career paths. Different backgrounds, experiences and from different directions, but complementary skills and a shared passion.

Erik van Velsen
Erik van Velsen

Erik worked his entire career, i.e. almost 20 years so far, as a professional trader of food ingredients. First as an employee, but for the last decade as an entrepreneur himself. He has travelled and seen a lot in the industry, so he knows what's going out there.

Ernst Visscher
Ernst Visscher

Ernst worked for several years as a strategy consultant for a Big4 consulting player, where he analyzed trends, developed business models and managed projects. In between he started his own venture to develop a healthy 'lemonade' while spending three months as an in-house entrepreneur for a start-up accelerator program.

Arie van Gorp
Arie van Gorp

Arie has spent the majority of his career as a coder, partly employed and partly self-employed, while having a Food Technology degree obtained at a Dutch university. Since 2000 he is the founding father of www.food-ingredients.com, at that time a useful but simple database for industrial suppliers and professional buyers of (raw) food ingredients.

The contact of two chemical substances: a reaction that made us transform...

So, what chemical substances created a spontaneous reaction that made us transform into a solid team with a shared passion? Two combinations: food ingredients and technology. Just to give you an impression:

  • In the beginning of this century, Arie already had the vision that the Internet would change the food industry significantly, i.e. becoming more transparent and globalized (upcoming markets).
  • Meanwhile, Erik as an industry expert was (and still is) experiencing a changing world, i.e. innovation in the development of food itself thrives, competition and transparency increases, but somehow the traditional way of doing business still remains.
  • Ernst as the strategist was on a quest for specific ingredients at low volumes, after all he just started his new venture. But searching the internet did not really help him finding the right suppliers that could provide him the products with the specific requirements and the 'constraints' of a small buyer.
So yes, each one of us is motivated to transform the business of food ingredients in order to help industrial buyers and suppliers find each other. That's why we founded www.food-ingredients.com.
The chemistry of www.food-ingredients.com is reflected in our logo...
Our logo is an interpretation of a chemical symbol, see the periodic table of elements and chemistry if you really want to find more about it. The idea behind chemistry is that it is all about a reaction, a connection or as some people say: 'casting together'. This is what we are and what we strive for at food-ingredients.com.
  • It is about the connection and interaction between buyers and suppliers;
  • as well as transforming and embracing the industry of (raw) food ingredients and technology;
  • and the chemistry of and between food ingredients.


You could be part of this! Enjoy your valuable time at www.food-ingredients.com 

The Food-Ingredients team