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The amino acid industry has been steadily expanding since monosodium glutamate was first marketed as a flavoring material in 1909. Its production has recently reached almost the 1 billion dollar level. Amino acids are produced by extraction from protein hydrolyzates, by fermentation with the aid of microorganisms, by enzymatic processes, and by chemical synthesis. To obtain natural L-amino acid, chemical synthesis generally requires two additional steps, i.e. optical resolution and racemization of the D isomer. The most important applications of amino acids include the fortification of plant food and feeds by supplementation of the deficient essential amino acid(s). Apart from their uses in the food industry, medical applications of amino acids (nutritional preparations and therapeutic agents) are becoming increasingly important.
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  1. Amino Acids
    Shanghai freemen 377 Hoes Ln Ste 240
    08854 Piscataway US

    Amino Acids

    BCAA/IBCAA (Conv., Vegan)
    Galenic form: N/A Country of origin: Montenegro
  2. Taurine
    Foodchem international corporation 2277 Zuchongzhi Road Zhangjiang
    201203 Shanghai CN


    Competitive price and discount available for large amount.
    Galenic form: Powder Certifications: Halal, GMO free, Allergen free Country of origin: China Quality certifications: HACCP, ISO
    Minimal order value (USD): 2000 Min. order value (kg): 2000
  3. Chia Seeds
    Best ground international sa de cv Paseo Royal Country 4596 Piso 20
    45116 Zapopan MX

    Chia Seeds

    Richest source of Omega 3 and 6.
    Galenic form: N/A Certifications: Organic Country of origin: Mexico Quality certifications: Organic
  4. Glycine
    Sli chemicals gmbh Insterburger Strasse 7
    60487 Frankfurt DE


    Amniotic Acid, Glycine Food Grade and Pharma Grade
    Galenic form: Powder Certifications: Kosher, Halal, GMO free, Allergen free, Gluten free, Irradiation free Country of origin: China Quality certifications: BRC, HACCP, ISO
    Minimal order value (USD): 250 Min. order value (kg): 25
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