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Anti Caking Agents

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Ingredients and powders can form clumps because the particles become sticky when they absorb water. Lumpy ingredients and powders do not flow evenly. Some ingredients and powders, such as grated cheese for pizza toppings, can stick together and this again prevents them from being spread evenly. Anti-caking agents modify the contact between the ingredient- and powder's particles, and are added to prevent these problems.
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  1. Anticaking
    Fraken biochem co., ltd. 2, Limen Road
    Qingdao China
  2. anticaking agents
    Longcom enterprise ltd. Building EInformation Industrial Base
    Hi-Tech ZoneHefei, Anhui 230088 China
  3. anticaking agents
    Jiali bio group limited 25/F, World Trade Tower 500 Guang dong Road
    Shanghai, 200001 China
  4. anticaking agents
    Wolf canyon (yantai) trading limited 1003 Qili Mansion,80 Chao Yang Street,Yantai 26400
    Yantai, Shandong 264001 China
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