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Cocoa beans are the seeds of the fruit, or 'pod', of the cocoa tree. The cocoa tree grows in the warmest regions on earth, within 20 degrees north and south of the Equator. They can be classified in groups according to its geographic origin as well as characteristics, value and application: (West) Africa, Central and South America and Asia / Oceania. Approximately 60% of world production originates from Africa, mainly produced within a network of small farms and cooperatives.
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  1. Hot Chocolate
    Shanghai megaton food co., ltd. 3rd Floor, 2nd Building, 388 Yuandian Road, Xinzhuang Industrial Zone
    201108 Shanghai CN

    Hot Chocolate

    Enjoy rich, smooth taste of hot chocolate which has been made from fine coco powder. One cup of our Hot Chocolate brings smile every time yo...
    Galenic form: N/A Country of origin: China
    Min. order value (kg): 20 kg
  2. black cocoa powder
    Changzhou wellmix food co.,ltd luzhuang villa,Lijia Town,Wujin Distrist,
    213176 Chanzghou CN

    black cocoa powder

    Our blacked cocoa powders are answeetenedly manufactured through grinding Dutched cocoa cake without any GMO materials ,also named Dutched c...
    Galenic form: N/A Certifications: GMO free Country of origin: N/A Quality certifications: ISO
  3. Natural Cocoa Powder 10/12 NS01
    Wuxi huadong cocoa food co., ltd No.2 Xinlong Road
    214191 Wuxi CN

    Natural Cocoa Powder 10/12 NS01

    Fineness: 99% min. PH Value: 5.0-6.0
    Galenic form: Powder Certifications: Kosher, Halal Country of origin: China Quality certifications: HACCP, ISO
    Min. order value (kg): 15000
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