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When water and oil are mixed together and vigorously shaken, a dispersion of oil droplets in water - and vice versa - is formed. When shaking stops, the phases start to separate. However, when an emulsifier is added to the system, the droplets remain dispersed, and a stable emulsion is obtained. An emulsifier consists of a water-loving hydrophilic head and an oil-loving hydrophobic tail. The hydrophilic head is directed to the aqueous phase and the hydrophobic tail to the oil phase. The emulsifier positions itself at the oil/water or air/water interface and, by reducing the surface tension, has a stabilising effect on the emulsion.
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  1. Carrageenan
    Sichuan newstar konjac co.,ltd 659# RD. YONGAN CHINA SICHUAN CUISINE INDUSTRIAL PARK
    611732 CHENGDU CN


    Widely used as gelling and suspending agent,thickener and emulsifier in food industry
    Galenic form: N/A Certifications: Kosher, Halal, GMO free, Allergen free Country of origin: Montenegro Quality certifications: BRC, HACCP, ISO
  2. lecithin
    Taosign corporation 5 GUIZHOU ROAD, QINGDAO ,CHINA
    266001 Qingdao CN


    Lecithin powder, in a transparent phospholipid as raw material, after finishing oils removed and prepared as a yellow powder product.
    Galenic form: N/A Certifications: Kosher Country of origin: China
    Min. order value (kg): 100
  3. bakery products
    Jan gevers bvba Ambachtsstraat 5
    BE-2400 Mol BE

    bakery products

    bakery products
    Galenic form: N/A Country of origin: N/A Quality certifications: HACCP, ISO, Organic
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