Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is

In 2000, as one of the first pioneers in the food database industry, started to discover the possibilities of the internet as a meeting point for suppliers, buyers and other interested parties. Now 15 years later, backed by large amounts of data, embracing new technologies and changing demands of the industry, we launched our new platform:

For what purpose has Food-Ingredients been founded?

Our mission is to connect professional buyers and suppliers globally and locally, no matter your role or position in the value chain and the size of your company. Eventually, it is about the ingredient matching your specifications that matters. So, after attending food ingredient trade shows all over the world we decided to find a more effective and cheaper way of finding the right ingredients for our products. With this in the back of our mind, we decided to start

Who can register as a member on is easily accessible for industrial buying and supplying professionals from all over the world.

By buyers we mean (but not limited to):
  • procurement departments or specialists;
  • food technicians and product developers ;
  • traders, agents, distributors;
  • universities, R&D organizations;
  • industrial associations and governmental bodies.
By suppliers we mean (but not limited to):
  • manufacturers;
  • producers;
  • agents;
  • traders;
  • distributors.

Why should suppliers of food ingredients register at

It is an easy to use and accessible platform that provides you with the opportunity to expose your company and ingredients globally and to connect with potential buyers directly. So, save time and costs attending expensive and time consuming trade shows by registering your company and products free of charge.

Why should buyers of food ingredients register at

You can find food ingredients anywhere you want, based on the criteria you set. So, instead of using the regular search engines that provide you endless results that most likely don’t match your needs, at Food-Ingredients you decide yourself what to see. In addition, attending trade shows can be time consuming and expensive (travelling, accommodation, etc.), while at you can reach out to professional suppliers directly.

Why we want you to register? It’s simple…The information will help us to improve your experience on the platform, such as usability, reliability and search optimization.

So, how does earn its money?

As much as we would like to keep this site as clean as possible with an optimal look and feel, we need to keep investing in people, quality and technology. We earn our money with targeted advertisements and extra provided services for professional buyers and suppliers.

Why does offer free exposure for suppliers and buyers?

We want our platform to be accessible for all companies - no matter the size or the origination of the company – in order to create transparency and to increase your exposure.

What is different about Food-Ingredients when compared to alternatives?

We can easily explain this: It’s FREE! Create an account and start searching in the wonderful world of food ingredients. Our name does not need any further explanation at all. And remember, this website is developed FOR professional suppliers and buyers, BY professional suppliers and buyers.

I just added ingredients to my profile, but I don't see these on the frontend.

Usually it takes a few hours before your products are searchable within the database.

Feel free to use our contact form if these questions do not provide the answers you are looking for.

The Food-Ingredients team