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As a food buying professional you have your current sources for (raw) food ingredients and you spend a lot of time and money searching the Internet and attending trade fairs all over the world in your quest for better and cheaper suppliers (i.e. manufacturers, agents, distributors, producers).  

As a food supplying professional you wonder how to reach out to buyers in an efficient and effective way. Presenting yourself at trade shows all over the globe is a time consuming and expensive way of exposing your food ingredients and products.  

Whether you are an industrial buyer or supplier, have you not questioned yourself: "How can I reduce my costs and save more valuable time"? At we have the answer:

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In 2000, as one of the first pioneers in the food ingredients database industry, started to discover the possibilities of the internet as a meeting point for professional suppliers, buyers and other interested parties. Now 15 years later, backed by large amounts of data, embracing new technologies and changing demands of the industry, we launched our new platform and network:

Mission & vision: "Our mission is to provide the food, food service and (raw) food ingredients industry the most complete supplier information on food ingredients. Our vision is that there should be one leading and free to use internet platform, providing all necessary information on food ingredients. It should be easy to add or retrieve information in order to find new suppliers faster, while reducing your cost of sales and improve profit margins of your company".

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